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Onward Mangilao Golf Club
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Course Guide

Mangilao Golf Club was born in 1992 in the land of Mangilao on the east coast of the everlasting summer island, Guam, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
The course was designed by the famous course architect Robin Nelson who has made many masterpieces such as Mauna Lani on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Making use of the dynamic terrain and coastal beauty unique to the land of Mangilao, and skillfully taking advantage of the strength and direction of the wind and the angle of the light, it is a course that has a strategic beauty. It is one of the best courses Robin Nelson has ever designed.

Out Course

The beautiful garden-like fairway is designed around three large ponds. While seemingly easy to approach, the wind from the sea and the changes in light can subtly affect your sense of the distance to the hole.
The skillful layout and the beauty of the course combine in a triumph of Robin Nelson’s strategic design skill.

Tournament Tee(BLACK)3424025131673674364331795623401
Back Tee(BLUE)3193744781623593964141735433218
Regular Tee(WHITE)2943464441363273693741615152966
Ladies’ Tee(RED)2432934141112753213221474502576

In Course

Surrounded by jungle on one side and wild waves on the other, the in-course is like being in another world. The fairway has two holes overlooking the ocean and a wall of jungle undulating in the wind.
This section might be called “battle against nature” and is quite thrilling to play.
Enjoy the dramatic contrast of the cobalt blue ocean and the deep emerald jungle against the vibrant green fairway. This is one you’ll remember forever.

Tournament Tee(BLACK)39937718851541816842552747535036904
Back Tee(BLUE)38735328449840716041750946733826600
Regular Tee(WHITE)35233316446638213936746942730996065
Ladies’ Tee(RED)3072779239026012227741632124625038

Yardage Markers

Each hole has yardage markers planted in the ground, measured from the teeing ground to the center of the green.
The remaining distances from the green to the fairway are marked with round plate markers and the rough is marked with distance markers in the shape of latte stones.
Red-100 yards, White-150 yards, Blue-200 yards

Local Rules

If a ball enters one of the ponds on the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th holes it is to be regarded as a “lateral water hazard”.
If a ball enters one of the stone-pitched reservoirs on the 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 11th, 13th or 14th holes the reservoir is to be regarded as an “immovable obstruction”.

Driving Golf Cart

Only persons with a valid driver’s license will be permitted to operate a golf cart, within the area of a golf cart lane.
Golf carts must only be used on golf cart lanes. Please do not ride them off-lane.
Please operate the golf cart safely – reduce speed while going downhill and while driving after rain.

Course Designer

The course was designed by the master of course design, Mr. Robin Nelson. The ocean wind and light come alive as Mr. Nelson uses the dynamism of the coastal beauty of Mangilao.